note - a quilt of memories - Lee Kyong
Abstract Painting Artist
Kyong_Lee, Contemporary_art, Abstract, Color-Adjective
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기억의 조각 모음

회화는 내게 있어 기억의 조각모음과 같다.
나의 일상적인 경험에서 오는 이미지들: 내 작업실 창 밖으로 보이는 밤의 도시 풍경이나 어쩌다 한 번 보았던, 잊혀지지 않던 비행기에 안에서 내려다 본 구름을 통해 흘끗 보인 초록의 대지 같은 것들.. 그것은 흐르는 일상에서 느껴지는 아름다운 한 순간이다. 그런 순간을 잡고 캔버스에 그것들을 표현하는 것이 내 예술적인 욕구이다.


일상의 이미지와 관련된 우연적인 뜻밖의 만남을 통해, 나는 끊임없이 일상 이미지의 아름다움을 발견하고자 한다. 그것을 발견할 때마다 나는 기쁨으로 넘친다. 내 일상생활에서 조화롭게 나타나는 일상의 이미지들을 모으고 내 회화에 추상적인 이미지로 그것들을 변형시킨다. – 녹색의 배경을 가로지르는 노랑의 길고 가는 선, 색채와 명암 사이의 강한대비. 그것은 내 일상의 이미지와 캔버스 상의 이미지 사이의 가는 끈을 만듦으로써 예술세계와 일상생활을 연계 시키는 내 스스로의 방법이라고 할 수 있다. 캔버스 상의 이미지들을 순간적으로 보았을 때, 어쩌면 그것은 관객에게 어디로부터 왔을 지 모를 만큼 너무 추상적일 수도 있다. 그렇지만 이미지는 그것과 그것의 기원 사이의 탄탄한 관계를 쉽게 드러낸다.


빌딩의 구석진 한 켠, 파란 하늘이 조각처럼 보이는 창문의 가장자리, 책의 열린 페이지와 책상의 표면 사이의 조화롭게 만나는 선. 나에게, 그 모두는 회화적 미로서 내 캔버스 위에서 재현된다. 나는 예술과 자연, 일상 사이의 미묘한 경계를 본다. 그것은 일상에서, 기억 속에서 그리고 캔버스 위에서 그 모든 이미지들을 엮음으로서 내 회화를 위치시키는 경계선과 같다.


2001. 이 경

A quilt of memories

Painting is for me to make a quilt of memories. I am often haunted by images from my everyday experience such as the grassy plain glimpsed through clouds from my seat in the airplane, a cityscape at night seen from my studio etc. For me, our everyday life is a flow of moments of the beauties. It is my artistic desire to capture such moments and express them on my canvas.


Through spontaneous encounters with mundane images, I constantly re-discover the truth of the beauty. Whenever I discover the beauty of mundane images, my heart is overflowing with joy. I collect mundane images consistently appeared in my daily life and transform them into abstract images for my painting – a strip of Yellow running across green background, extreme contrast between colors and between bright and dark. It is my own way of involving both in art world and in every day life by creating a thin line between images on my canvas and images in everyday life. At first glance images on my canvas could be too abstract for viewers to indicate where they come from, however images easily reveal the tight connection between them and their origins.


a recessed corner of building, an edge of window with blue sky, harmonious meeting line between an opened page of a book and the surface of desk. a scrap of wood thrown on the concrete ground and so forth. For me all of them are converted into full of the pictorial beauty on my canvas.

I see a delicate borderline between art, nature and everyday life. It is such a borderline on which I locate my painting by stitching together images in everyday life, in memory and on canvas.


2001.© Kyong Lee