I am happy to participate in the Eddysean 1st Metaverse NFT Exhibition.

I collaborated with digital artist YiTim and submitted 5 NFT artworks from my first minting “Color as Adjective” series.

1 – 25, July. 2021

Eddysean Gallery in Cryptovoxels



When I first heard the word ‘metaverse’, I thought it was a new means of transportation. I thought ‘minting’ was the wrong word for the meeting. I confess that it took me some time to understand the whole system, but in fact I didn’t know until I experienced it firsthand.

Collaboration with a digital artist group, YiTim, started out of curiosity about a new area for me, who works on flat surfaces with paint. Linking emotions and language, which I have been exploring for over 10 years, is very personal and subjective. I can’t empathize with everyone with their colors and words, but I expect that people living in the same age can relate to me in some way.

The interesting point of this collaboration with YiTim as an artist is that he tried to experiment with the concept of ownership of the work by reinterpreting such a personal work as a video rather than a flat image, sympathizing with more people and showing it through NFT. .

Among the 350 ‘colors as adjectives’, 5 colors are introduced in this exhibition for the first time. Please enjoy with a cup of tea in front of the window overlooking the sky.